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Is your organization facing considerable challenges due to rapidly changing business conditions? Or does it need to implement a new strategy, system, policy, process, or procedure? Does a potential solution involve multiple departments or stakeholder groups? If so, our Management Consultancy may be suitable for your firm’s imminent needs.

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In such cases LBTC’s experts will work closely with your organization’s key stakeholders to devise and implement an effective and sustainable solution to the most complex business and management challenges. Our Management Consultants will persist until solution deliverables have been met. Allow LBTC to be your Partner in Progress by relying on us to resolve your most pressing issues.

Management Consultancy - London, UK
Management Consultancy, London
Management Consultancy in Hammersmith, London

Case Study — Management Consultancy

Nigerian Air Force (NAF) approached London Business Training & Consulting (LBTC) in early 2019 citing challenges with its Supply Chain seeking sustainable solutions for its ongoing issues. This requirement warranted commissioning a Management Consultancy project. This is an ongoing project whereby NAF and LBTC are continuously engaged with the potential for further on-site support delivered at the client’s premises in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Management Consultancy, Hammersmith, London- UK
A case study by LBTC, London, UK