Leadership and Management training in London, UK

Our Leadership and Management training courses are suitable for:

  • Heads of organizations, chief officers, chairpersons, board members and directors.
  • Heads of departments.
  • Senior managers and executives.
  • Team members who wish to know of the principles and practice of strategic leadership to support and complement the contribution of their leaders.
  • Those interested in organizational change and its management.
  • Those who wish to develop themselves as more competent and effective managers.

Upon completion of these Leadership and Management training courses, you will understand:

  • How leaders behave.
  • The relationship between a leader and followers through the style approach.
  • A leader’s approach as being dependent on the situation facing the leader, and that successful leaders can adapt their approach to suit the circumstances.
  • Transformational leadership’s ability to change workers and followers into avid disciples whose hearts and minds have been inspired by an internalised belief in the veracity of their leader’s decisions.
  • Authentic leadership should underpin any form of effective leadership.
  • The delicate nature of the relationship between the leader and followers.
  • Different ethical frameworks and how these can help leaders resolve problems without a precedent or simple solution.
  • Ideas associated with the use of power by those in a position of authority.
  • How ‘teams’ work and the idea of ‘Distributed Leadership’.
  • The role leaders play in change processes.
  • The development of leaders within organizations as a key theme in terms of ensuring the organization thrives.
  • The need for strategic leaders.
  • Diagnosing change involves and requires systematic effort, and needs to gain acceptance enough to make implementation feasible.
  • How to manage the process of changing an organization.
  • The underlying ‘building blocks’ of successful change.
  • Two practical ways of organizing the application of change management in your organization.
  • Developing a more open process for managing change will create the conditions for learning.
  • Organizational performance can be explained by looking at corporate culture.
  • A new model for strategic change that seeks to develop the concept of change architecture into a practical model for change management.
  • Market mechanisms have a role to play in creating more innovative and adaptable organizations.

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