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For a diverse range of people, our Accounting Courses are an excellent learning opportunity. These courses will be of great benefit to professionals who want to improve their ability to analyse and use accounting tools for strategy purposes. Participants will be able to gain a better understanding of how accounting knowledge can be used for operational and managerial decisions. In addition, our programme gives participants the skills to analyse, interpret, assess and critically evaluate accounting information that they are exposed to, within business contexts. These training courses will also be useful for those who are not accountants and wish to gain a real appreciation of the financial and management accounting fundamentals. In addition, our courses are also beneficial for external auditors because they provide a deeper understanding of internal procedures. Also, in order to provide a complete knowledge base they are intended for persons engaged in the internal audit function.

Our Finance Courses, with a strong focus on risk management and regulatory reform, are particularly suited to financial regulators, individual and institutional investors, borrowers as well as those interested in understanding the innovation of financial products.  In today's dynamic financial markets, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the wide range of financial instruments used for finance, investing and managing risks. These courses, which are suitable for individuals moving from the private sector to the public sector, also extend their benefits to the public sector involved in the preparation of financial statements and budgets.  These programs will be of great benefit to central bank staff in understanding the core functions and activities of Central Banks. It will make a considerable contribution to the success of banking professionals who wish to deepen their understanding of factors that affect bank operations, and managers wishing to broaden their knowledge about finance's dynamic environment.

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