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Our Public Sector training courses are suitable for:

  • Directors and Deputy Directors, and all other public sector senior officers who work directly to lead politicians and with other public services to achieve broader community outcomes (public health and well-being and economic development).
  • Civil Servants
  • Politically Appointed Staff, Special Advisors
  • Public sector managers who are, or who aim to be, leading public services end-to-end i.e. the whole service rather than specific elements.

By attending these courses you will be able to successfully lead public services to achieve service excellence and community objectives.

Society is a continuum between collectivist and individualist cultures. Whether public services are government led or through sovereign decree, leadership in the public sector requires passion, duty and determination which this course will behold. Whereas profitability is not a consideration as in the private sector, productivity and performance certainly are. Both domains share learnings in their leadership predicaments yet differ in scope of development that this course entrusts you with.

These courses explore the role that is required of end-to-end service managers in a public authority with a more detailed examination of some key elements.

Public Sector Courses

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