Strategic Management courses in London, UK

Our Strategic Management courses are suitable for Board-level Directors & Deputy Directors, and all other Senior Managers who are responsible for achieving the organization's strategic objectives & can commit the resources to achieve them.

By attending these courses, you will explore the specific role that is required of strategic managers in an organization with a more detailed examination of some key elements.

Upon completion of these courses, you will:

  • Focus on ensuring that the organization's operations are fit for purpose in the current, medium and long term.
  • Keep a strategic overview of operations.
  • Understand when and how to 'intervene' in the organization's operations.
  • Gain a full understanding of the role of strategic leader – specifically how it relates to the finance, human resources, data/information and operational capacity of the organization to deliver its strategic objectives.
  • Develop a practical perspective into contemporary work practices in your field.
  • Implement an Action Plan at your workplace using the knowledge and skills acquired through the course.

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