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All organizations – big or small, operating in the public or private sectors anywhere in the world, require management training and consultancy. LBTC has established itself as the service provider of choice for hundreds of such organizations all over the world seeking sustainable solutions to their management challenges.

Industries We Serve

Industries Served by LBTC

Serving Countries across the globe

LBTC Serving Countries

Our Clients

Afghanistan United Nations Development Programme
Afghanistan | UN Development Programme
Albania Tona Co
Albania | Tona Co
Algeria Pertamina
Algeria | Pertamina
Angola LNG
Angola LNG
Australia Nova Systems
Australia | Nova Systems
Austria Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
Austria | OPEC
Azerbaijan Azercell Telecom
Azerbaijan | Azercell Telecom
Bahrain The BENEFIT Company
Bahrain | The BENEFIT Company
Belarus Zeppelin Weissrussland
Belarus | Zeppelin Weissrussland
Belgium European Commission
Belgium | European Commission
Botswana Ministry of Environment Natural Resources Conservation Tourism
Botswana | Ministry of Environment & Tourism

Burkina Faso West African Health Organisation
Burkina Faso | West African Health Org.

China Rieter
China | Rieter

Croatia Atlantic Grupa
Croatia | Atlantic Grupa
Cyprus Exness
Cyprus | Exness
Denmark Genmab
Denmark | Genmab
Egypt Petroleum Air Services
Egypt | Petroleum Air Services
Ethiopia UKAID
Ethiopia | UKAID
France Generali
France | Generali
Gambia Medical Research Council
Gambia | Medical Research Council
Germany | European Central Bank
Ghana National Petroleum Corporation
Gibraltar The Care Agency
Gibraltar | The Care Agency
Greece Hellenic Navy
Greece | Hellenic Navy
Indonesia Bank Indonesia
Indonesia | Bank Indonesia
Iraq Gulf Keystone Petroleum
Iraq | Gulf Keystone Petroleum
Italy Bank of Italy
Italy | Bank of Italy
Ivory Coast WaterAid
Ivory Coast | WaterAid
Jordan Royal Hashemite Court
Jordan | Royal Hashemite Court
Kazakhstan Asia Gas Pipeline
Kazakhstan | Asia Gas Pipeline
Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation
Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation
Kurdistan International Committee of the Red Cross
Kurdistan | Red Cross
Kuwait Wafra Real Estate
Kuwait | Wafra Real Estate
Lavia Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Latvia | Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Libya Mellitah Oil Gas
Libya | Mellitah Oil & Gas
Lithuania Amber Grid
Lithuania | Amber Grid
Luxembourg European Investment Bank
Luxembourg | European Investment Bank
Macedonia Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
Macedonia | Org Security & Cooperation in Europe
Malawi Bureau of Standards
Malawi Bureau of Standards
Malaysia Ministry of Finance
Malaysia | Ministry of Finance
Malta Foundation for Social Welfare Services
Malta | Foundation for Social Welfare Service
Mozambique Instituto Nacional de Petroleo
Mozambique | Instituto Nacional de Petroleo
Namibia Seawork Fish Processors
Namibia | Seawork Fish Processors
Nepal Prabhu Bank
Nepal | Prabhu Bank
Netherlands NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Programme Management Agency NAPMA
Netherlands | NATO AEW&C Programme Mgt Agency

Nigeria Central Bank of Nigeria
Nigeria | Central Bank of Nigeria

Oman Airports
Oman Airports

Pakistan National Electric Power Regulatory Authority
Pakistan | Nat Elec Power Regulatory Authority
Portugal Partex Oil and Gas
Portugal | Partex Oil & Gas
Qatar Investment Authority
Qatar Investment Authority
Romania Expur
Romania | Expur
Russia National Settlement Depository
Russia | National Settlement Depository
Rwanda Ngali Energy
Rwanda | Ngali Energy
Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund
Saudi Arabia | Public Investment Fund
Sierra Leone Afcom
Sierra Leone | Afcom
South Korea Bank of Korea
South Korea | Bank of Korea
Spain Financiera Maderera
Spain | Financiera Maderera
Sri Lanka Asian Development Bank
Sri Lanka | Asian Development Bank
Sweden Henkel
Sweden | Henkel
Switzerland Credit Suisse
Switzerland | Credit Suisse
Tajikistan Swiss Cooperation Office
Tajikistan | Swiss Cooperation Office
Tanzania Sahara Group
Tanzania | Sahara Group
Thailand Metropolitan Electricity Authority
Thailand | Metropolitan Electricity Authority
Turkey FNSS Savunma Sistemleri
Turkey | FNSS Savunma Sistemleri
Uganda Parliament of Uganda
Uganda | Parliament of Uganda
United Arab Emirates Mastercard
United Arab Emirates | Mastercard
United Kingdom NHS
United Kingdom | NHS
USA United Nations
USA | United Nations
VietNam | Paradise VietNam